A Few More Fun Days in Nantes...

July 16, 2017

Bonjour de Nantes,

We cannot believe it is already the last week of the program! It feels like the program started just a few days ago. Time flies quickly when you have so much fun!

After a super fun Bastille day, we headed to le Puy du fou, a historical theme park on a sunny day! The students could see shows, including musical and water shows. Students had a quiet evening after this exciting day.

On Sunday they headed back to the market for some shopping since they loved it so much the week before. Then they had an introduction to Berber culture with a band and workshops in the afternoon!

This week the students are visiting the Musée Jules Verne, the author’s former home, having a fun afternoon at the movies (Spiderman and Moi Moche et Méchant!), and free time in the city center.

On Wednesday students are taking their final language test and walking the green line to discover Le Voyage à Nantes, the contemporary art festival that takes place during the summer in Nantes.

We’re excited to celebrate the students’ accomplishments with a final graduation ceremony, a dinner of build-your-own crêpes and galettes, and sketches with the RAs!

Here’s to one more week in Nantes!