Everybody Loves Amanda

Hear From Liam in Beijing

July 26, 2017


"This is the story of Amand's 17th birthday.

Amanda wakes up to the distinct smell of Beijing’s famous air pollution.

As she heads downstairs to grab her daily breakfast (a slice of bread with Nutella and banana), she notices that hanging on her door is a birthday greeting. All of her friends have written her cards giving her birthday wishes.

With an extra little smile on her face, she rides the elevator down to the first floor dining hall for breakfast, when, much to her surprise, the world famous song “Happy Birthday” (sung in Chinese of course) greets her, along with breakfast from the delightful bakery down the road, Wedomé.

At lunch, she is surprised with a chocolate cake (also from the bakery) that she and her class share. In the afternoon, there is STAMP4S testing, the standardized test which everybody takes to analyze their growth in Chinese from the beginning of the program to the end. Usually, this makes anybody’s birthday a drag, but Amanda says that she doesn’t even mind!

Also, throughout the day people to give her cards and letters --- gifts such as shoes, to replace her flip flops that break every ten steps, and snacks to keep in her room for when she gets hungry. Even though there is a dreadfully long hour of rehearsal for the final performance that night, she still is comfortable saying, “this is the best birthday ever. I have the greatest friends."

I love Middlebury Language Academy because everybody loves everybody. There may be some people that bother you, that make you uncomfortable, or that you wish weren’t around, but once we leave in less than two days, we’re all going to miss each other. I love you guys."