Ending MMLA in Style (with Soccer-of Course!)

July 17, 2014

All good things must come to an end. Although that end has not yet arrived, I can already feel a change. The students are getting excited for graduation, the final dance, receiving their cell phones and returning home, but they are also saddened by the prospect of leaving their new friends and teachers at MMLA.

The Academy staff is also filled with mixed emotions right now. Over these past four weeks, I have gotten to know all of these students very well. We’ve eaten together, shared conversations and even slept on the same floor during the big storm a few weeks ago. As a result of these shared experiences, I have developed a bond with these students. Although on some days they are more than I can handle, giving me pleasant trouble, at the end of the day they are all good students. I have seen their Chinese improve tremendously. During the first week, some were quiet and shy, not daring to speak a word, but now they never stop talking. I think tomorrow will be a bittersweet day.

-Pheakdey, Chinese RA

It was the calm before the storm today in the French Academy.  The day began as usual with the morning assembly. The students had their regular classes, as well as their last day of regular activities. Some kids opted for the last trip to town, while others enjoyed one last round of cloud watching. Instead of the normal salled’etude and assemblee du soir, the students participated in STAMP testing for several hours. Despite the calmer day, the atmosphere in the French Academy was heavy with anticipation for the following day; phones, graduation, the all-academy dance and the breaking of the Language Pledge®!

-Alexandra, French RA

On the second to last day, it’s a great surprise to see such a tremendous outpouring of cheer and energy from the students. Sentimental feelings about this summer have already started to creep into staff conversations, and the students are doing a wonderful job of keeping the mood fun, engaging and more than a little zany. The weather kept the German students inside for most of today, but they made the best of it, inventing some creative twists on classic games that they explained at the evening meeting. The whole academy played along and had a great time! We’re excited for our last day with this great team tomorrow—although those of us on the staff are a little afraid: since the Germans won yesterday’s soccer tournament, we have to go head to head with the kids tomorrow morning in the last game. Wish us luck!

“Last chance for a Selfie!”

 -Julius, German RA