The End is Near

July 24, 2019

Language: Chinese

Location: Beijing

From buying fake luxury goods to learning about Chinese comedy, the activities have finally come to an end. On Monday, the kids got to explore Beijing’s largest fake market where many students now have a new closet of clothes.

On Tuesday, we met with one of China’s most famous comedians who taught us China’s special style of Chinese comedy. He even showed us some of his unreleased projects and added the kids on WeChat!

On Wednesday, we went to the Capital Museum where the students saw an amazing exhibit on the Qing Dynasty Bronze items. Also, saw some ancient calligraphy and exhibit all about the history of gardens in Beijing. As the excursions came to an end, today was also their last culture class.

Tomorrow, will be a full day of testing to see how much they have grown during their time here. Friday, will be all about graduation and celebrating the time they have spent here this summer.

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