End of the Journey

July 30, 2018

Language: Spanish

Location: Salamanca

Daily Schedule:

7:30—8:55am Breakfast         

9:00—11:30am NO CLASS


1:30—2:30pm   Free time

2:30—4:30pm   Lunch at home

5:00—6:30pm   Free time

7:00—8:00pm   ICE-CREAM AT NOVELTY

8:00—11:00pm Dinner and pack at home

11:15pm In room

11:30pm Lights out

What the Salamanca Academy did today:

We all know the saying—all good things must come to an end. In the final days of the program our students had time to enjoy one another’s company one last time before parting ways.

First, a farewell celebration was held so they could have one last party. They enjoyed pinchos and refreshments and afterwards a talent showcase where some of the students and mentors were able to shine in front of their peers. Flamenco is ingrained in the fabric of Spanish culture and a local group was nice enough to perform live for the students and show them the artistry of this well-known type of music.

And finally, on their last day they graduated and were awarded with certificates for their hard work and efforts. They deserve all the praise for doing so well in a new country surrounded by a different culture and learning everyday. In the evening all student met in the Plaza Mayor to say final goodbyes and have some ice cream to bring this rewarding experience to a close. Proud is the word that comes to mind when thinking about what they have accomplished. They arrived here as strangers but left with a bond stronger than expected.

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