A Dive into the History Surrounding Québec!

July 1, 2016

For the students in Québec, a vast majority of the learning that they do happens outside of the classroom. Though the classes are crucial to developing their language skills, the real test and time to improve is when they apply their French skills out on the streets, speaking with native speakers of the language.

Yesterday, all of the students boarded a bus for downtown Québec for their tour of the Citadelle—a cultural excursion. The Québec Citadel National Historic Site of Canada is a 19th-century fortress located on Cap Diamant in the centre of Québec City.

For dinner, students were given crisp $20 bills. This gave them the chance to branch out on their own and explore the many restaurants in the area. Additionally, it gave them a chance to try some food to which they may not have otherwise been exposed.

Local passengers, intrigued by the students’ tshirts, asked many questions and conversed with a couple of the kids. It was, nonetheless, a proud display of their French. This application of their French knowledge gave them a chance to extend their immersion beyond themselves— they were able to apply to the culture around them.

Despite the heat and copious sun, students stayed focused and learned a lot about how Québec defended itself throughout the centuries.  

Today gave French Academy students the chance to experience freedom, for they were able to explore parts of the city in small groups. More importantly, however, today gave the students a taste of what the next four weeks are going to be like!

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