A day to unwind, relax and recharge

July 2, 2016

Today, students and staff had a very much-needed day of rest, in which they all had the chance to catch up on sleep, enjoy the weather or get ahead on work for next week.

Students took part in a wide array of activities, ranging from creating videos to room decorating activities. The purpose of these activities, however, was the same: Keep the students speaking in the target language, while still giving them a needed break from academic study.

The room decorating activities, however, came with a bit of competition within them. Tonight, teachers will judge the decorations, and then decide whose is the best—the winners will be rewarded!

In addition to these day-off activities, large groups of students took to the open fields at St. Michel’s to make the most of the incredible weather and sunshine of the day. At a cool 70 degrees, the weather was perfect for passing the frisbee, playing soccer or just sitting out in the open, breathing in the fresh air.

In the midst of all of these outdoor activities, an energetic vibe was in the air. Some students even brought out their musical instruments to add to the liveliness. Positive energy was contaigous!

After a restful morning and afternoon, however, the excitement came: The Dance! Split up by academies, students came together for a night of music and fun!

And since it was Saturday night, students also had the chance to converse in English—what a luxury! Every Saturday night, for just two short hours, students are authorized to use English. In doing this, the students are able to catch up with their friends of different language abilities with whom they weren’t able to converse much during the week.

However, after the two hours, students are back to no English—only Chinese and French!

Today was most certainly a day of rest, which allowed students from both Academies to recharge and revamp their energy for everything to come!

Relaxation and a dance—what a fun day!