Day Trip, Mahjong, and the Beginning of the End

July 22, 2019

Language: Chinese

Location: Beijing

The newly instituted evening cell phone check-in policy has improved general group dynamic and student program experience already. Students are engaging with each other more.

This past weekend was yet again filled with many activities that allowed them to explore the ancient city of Beijing! First, we went to the Ming Tombs where we saw the underground palace of one of China’s emperors. We saw some of the artifacts and some of the items that were buried with him.

After the tomb we went to the famous 798 art district where the students got to explore some of China’s greatest art exhibits. There was even a Picasso exhibit, which was rare for the area. Also we drove through Beijing’s Olympic park and saw where Michael Phelps broke the swimming records!

Finally, we came back for a relaxing night of playing Mahjong before the students headed off to bed.

The last week has begun and we will be filling each day by traveling to the remaining locations of Beijing! This remaining week is all about growth and we will be having many language-practicing exercises to really see the students improvement.

This Week's Schedule

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