A Day in the Life of a Chinese Academy Student

July 1, 2016

Students in the Chinese Academy are settling into their daily routine and full language immersion—classes, meals, exploration courses and activities. Students are demonst acting steadfast dedication and an unwavering willingness to push through the challenges that come with a "No English Spoken Here" environment.

Today marks the third day at the Academy—but more notably, the second day of full Chinese immersion. Here’s an overview of what went on in the classes:

  • Students learned how write their daily routines—but contrarily to yesterday, these routines pertained to their lives outside of the Academy. Students learned the necessary vocabulary and verbs in order to detail everything they do during the school year.
  • Students performed skits, all of which varied in their themes. Some pertained to being late to school, and then other skits were about advertising products. The scenarios gave the students a chance to act and speak in a foreign language, all in front of their peers!
  • In another class, students learned about new Chinese phrases. However, while completing their worksheets, students had original Chinese cartoons playing in the background.

After these classes, students enjoyed their cultural exploration courses, one of which was on singing.

In this course, students were taught authentic Chinese songs, the stories behind them—and then, they had to sing the songs themselves! While this was initially embarrassing for the students who didn’t consider themselves singers, they began to warm up to it as the class went on.

Calligraphy was another cultural exploration course that was offered today. In it, students were able to continue their projects on which they’ve been working this week—and in some cases, start new ones!

Additionally, an exploration course on tea was offered to the students in which they had the chance to try out some original Chinese tea, and then discuss it with their teacher. In essence, they took part in “Coffee Talk,” except with tea...and in Chinese. 

Lastly, students had the chance to try out Tai Chi with their peers. They learned the movements and the philosophy behind this Chinese tradition. 

Rain interrupted the afternoon activity plans, but students still had fun. Once the rain began, they ran to the Dion Center and started games of pool, ping pong and cards with each other.

Despite the darkness of the clouds overhead, students had smiles on their faces and enthusiasm in their hearts. The next four weeks are looking bright!

Chinese students with their teacher