A Day on the Lake

July 19, 2016

Due to inclement weather, the French Academy had to cancel its field trip on Monday. However, it was quickly rescheduled to today, so the students were able to easily bounce back from Monday’s temporary disappointment!

Today, students boarded a group of buses, after completing their set of morning classes. En route to Burlington, students and staff were filled with excitement for today’s events: a ferry ride on Lake Champlain and trip to North Beach!

The first stop was the ferry, which was docked in Burlington. Upon arrival, students and staff were handed their tickets, and then boarded the ferry. This particular ferry is known as “The Spirit of Ethan Allen.”

As a popular tourist attraction, this ferry stays very busy in the spring, summer and fall months. Additionally, it’s considered a “party boat,” on which many private receptions and get-togethers take place.

Once boarded, the students of the French Academy were greeted with upbeat music and a gorgeous view: the vastness of Lake Champlain and all of its mountainous landscape. There was, in every essence, a lively and energetic atmosphere on board the Spirit of Ethan Allen.

The ride lasted roughly two hours—and, in those two hours, students toured the lake completely, learning all about its rich history.

Once the ferry tour was complete, the French Academy exited the ferry and made their way, on foot, to North Beach, which is located roughly one mile away from where the ferry is docked.

After the journey to the beach, students were beyond happy when the sight of sand and lake water appeared in their vision. Many students, actually, bypassed all else in the park to go straight for the beach, all before even getting changed.

While at the beach, everyone enjoyed some much-needed beach time and a spell away from the usual sights and scenery of St. Michael’s. Shortly after dinner on the beach, the Academy packed up completely and began their trek back to the campus.

After day on the lake, students are ready for their final stretch of classes—but more importantly, their final exam!

French Academy students