On danse, on chante, on parle et on rêve en français

July 3, 2019

Language: French
Location: Nantes

What the Nantes Academy did today: Today, students joined their teachers for morning language classes to discuss French stereotypes and go over grammar. For lunch they enjoyed a parmentier of vegetables with chicken, and riz au lait for dessert.

Then they spent the following 2 hours in their Cultural Exploration Courses before heading to Trentemoult, a small island of fischermen, with quaint little houses, stores, crêperies and ice cream parlors. Tonight they will join the Ras for an Egg Drop Engineering Competition.

Everyone is doing fantastic and really invested in the pledge!

Today’s Schedule

8:00 am—9:00 am—Breakfast

9:00 am—9:20 am—Morning Assembly

9:30 am—10:20 am—Class Block 1

10:20 am—10:30 am—Break & Snack

10:30 am—11:25 am—Class Block 2

11:20 am—11:30 am—Break

11:30 am —12:20 pm—Class Block 3

12:30 pm—1:30 pm—Lunch + pick up afternoon snack

1:30 pm—3:30 pm—Cultural Exploration Class

3:30 pm—6:30 pm—Exploration of the Trentemoult Isle

6:30 pm—7:30 pm—Free time

7:30 pm—8:30 pm—Dinner

8:30 pm—10:00 pm—Craft/Engineering Competition

10:00 pm—In Room

10:30 pm—Lights Out

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