Dancing through the Week with the Arabic Academy

July 12, 2019

Language: Arabic
Location: Saint Michael’s College

What the Arabic Academy did today: Greetings from the Arabic Academy and happy Friday! The Arabic Academy has been dancing the week away. For the past two days, the Academy hosted Nabila, a Lebanese dance instructor. Nabila has been teaching students a traditional dance to perform at next week’s World Expo! Tonight, the Arabic Academy is celebrating a mock wedding complete with henna tattoos. Tomorrow, they will journey to Branbury State Park for a fun lake day. Stay tuned for photos on Facebook!

Today’s Schedule

7:30 am—Breakfast

9:00 am—Assembly

9:30 am—Cultural Exploration

12:30 pm—Lunch

1:30 pm—Class

3:45 pm—Activities/Exercise/Free time

5:30 pm—Dinner & Free Time

7:30 pm—Evening Activities

8:30—Evening Assembly

9:15 pm—Hall Meeting

10:30 pm—Lights out

Check back on Monday to read more about the Arabic Academy!

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