Dance, Dance and more Dancing: Prepping for the World Expo

July 8, 2014

Cultural exploration classes are meant to broaden students’ perspectives on a certain culture, and for today, students learned about the two different sides to China’s current culture. In Ding Laoshi’s class today, students decorated paper lanterns with calligraphy. An ancient practice of sending wishes to the heaven’s, students got the opportunity to personalize their lanterns with characters that represent them, such as their names, their zodiac animals, words that represent them and their own wishes. In another cultural exploration class, students learned the choreography to a popular Taiwanese song. An interesting mix of techno anddubstep, 射手 (‘marksman’) is a catchy song with a great beat. The choreography was hard, but both students and a few RAs worked together to break down the choreography piece by piece.

After classes, the students were treated to a traditional Chinese dance performance. We saw a variation of the fan dance, along with the peacock dance. After the performance, the performers brought all of us together to learn the basics of using ribbon in dance. NOTE: it’s harder than it looks!

Every evening, students work together in small groups to perform a skit based on the lesson they learned today, but our skits had to be cut short due to a thunderstorm. Even with a storm outside, students were positive and enjoying themselves. Our living group even had a little food party in our hall. 

-Sikun Zhang, Residential Advisor