Culinary Adventures

July 10, 2017

Bonjour gourmand de Nantes!

Week 3 of the program started on Sunday and this week is all about cooking and culinary discoveries. And what a great week the students are going to have!

They started on Sunday with a visit to Nantes’ farmer's market: le marché Talensac. They had a morning of free time (under the supervision of the RAs) to explore it and to do some shopping. There was bread, fruit, bags, flowers, cakes...

In the afternoon we made our way to le Château de Goulaine for an afternoon of visits. Students first visited LU’s Museum. LU is France’s most emblematic cookie brand and it is from Nantes. You might know some of the most famous biscuits: pims, petit lu, prince, or paille d’or. During this visit we learned more about the history of LU and how it participated in the development of Nantes.

Students also visited the castle. It has been the home of the same family (famille de Goulaine) for over a thousand years now and 30 generations have lived in it!

On Monday, students had classes in the morning. Everyone is working very hard to make the most of the classes, and we can really see the results! Their French is getting better everyday!

In the afternoon we all went to visit a windmill an hour away from Nantes. And surprise! Students made their very own bread and each one of them had the chance to leave the mill with the bread they made. It was not an easy job but they all did great!

We then climbed to the top of the mill where a miller explained to us everything we needed to know about how it works.

In the evening, the RA's presented the students with ‘Nantes Summer Academy’s Got a Talent’ where they all had challenges. It was a great evening of fun and they all went to bed pretty tired after laughing so hard.

See you soon for a next blog post with even more food and adventures!