Crepe-ing Through Week 1: Friday at the French Academy

June 29, 2018

Language: French

Location: Green Mountain College

Daily Schedule:

7:30 am                    Breakfast
9:00 am                    Assembly
9:30 am                    Class Block 1/break
10:30 am                  Class Block 2/break
11:30 am                  Class Block 3
12:30 pm                  Lunch
1:15 pm                     Free Time
2:00 pm                    Cultural Exploration
3:45 pm                    Activities/Exercise/Free time
5:30 pm                    Dinner & Free Time
7:30 pm                     Evening Activities
9:15 pm                    Dorm activities/snack
10:00 pm                  In room/Journaling
10:30 pm           Lights out

What the French Academy did today:

As the first week comes to a close, students are finding some more flexibility in their schedules. Morning workouts in the gym were followed swiftly by a Spanish scramble, tater tots, cinnamon tofu, and a fruit medley for breakfast today. In spite of the early mornings, the kids are becoming much more conversational during their first meal of the day. The French professors often sit with students and ask about the previous evening’s events and what they plan on doing after classes. 

Level 1 students can now identify and name 5-10 sports and leisure activities, as well as say which sports/free time activities they like and don’t like. The progress made in the short span of 5 days has been astounding! Next week, they’ll be able to make requests and carry on simple conversations during meals. (If we’re being honest, though, this is already happening!)

Level 2 students can now describe members of their family and their interests. They are also able to identify and present basic information about routines, interests, pastimes, and household tasks of teenagers in France! By the end of next week, they will recognize culturally appropriate behaviors related to eating and ordering meals in Francophone countries. They’ll also be to present information about the culinary culture of these countries AND compare it to that of their home nation!

In Level 3 classes, students are now able to explain a series of steps needed to complete a task related to their routine. Next week, they will also be comparing and contrasting culinary cultures between their Francophone countries and their home nations. By the end, they’ll be able to understand details about a nutritional recommendation from France and prepare an informative flyer for the Academy!

Level 4 students practice extensive reading. This week, they got to know their classmates, read details from articles and other media, and presented their learning language history to set goals for the rest of the summer. They also outlined strategies for success in an immersion environment and presented them to other students of the Academy. Next week, they’ll be watching, reading, and listening to more information about the eating habits, customs, and values in Francophone countries. At the end of the week, they will be able to participate in discussions about personal and cultural values. They’ll also be able to write survey questions about values and interview their classmates.

Throughout the week, students have also participated in cultural exploration classes. These included:

  • Discussing the origin and colorful characters of the Guignol Puppet Theater in France. Students worked in small groups to write and perform a skit with their very own guignols!
  • Indulging in popular dishes, cheeses, and desserts in French cuisine
  • Exploring the world of French comic books! In this class, students were introduced to BD (comic book) culture in the Francophone world and created a portion of an original BD in groups.
  • Learning about beauty as a concept in the Francophone world!
  • Students studied the distinct culture of Bororo people from Niger and their unique cult of beauty and elegance.
  • Discovering French theater! Students learned about basic theater while focusing on the works of Molière. They also learned how to present and act out short scenes.

For evening activities, students are able to play cards and board games with each other, journal, dance, and attend study halls and clubs! Tonight, the students will be watching a movie together in the auditorium. There will be crepes afterward, but that’s still a well-kept secret from the students!

Check back on Monday to read more about the French Academy!

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