Costume party at MMLA—let your imagination run free! #1

July 9, 2016

On Friday we had our first costume party and contest at MMLA Granada, and it was a complete success! Every residential group had been meeting from Monday to work on the costume and prepare a performance…their work and lack of siesta definitely paid off.

During the first hour, we had a Spanish dinner served in the main patio. Some of the Spanish students that we had met in our last party joined us, and our students seemed quite happy to see them again. All the RAs dressed up in crazy costumes too. After dinner, the groups started performing in front of their peers and the jury… the energy was buzzing in the patio!

We had a bit of everything: the residential group of Leticia dressed up as heroines and danced a popular Spanish song called “No soy superman”. Jessica and her group went back to the 90’s in Spain to perform Chica yeyé: their clothes and hair style seemed so authentic! One of the boys group, led by Carlos, surprised as with a parody of a day at the school in Granada, presented us an advert to promote the Middlebury glasses. They made everybody laugh out loud with their imitation of teachers and RAs! We also had a group that sang the song Love yourself in Spanishthey translated it themselves and changed the lyrics to make them more meaningful to them. We were all so impressed! Alba´s group appeared on stage dressed up as Hawaiians and danced Aserejé, an old summer hit in Spain that made everybody move! Melanie´s group presented a graceful choreography of the song Libre soy (from the movie Frozen).