The Chinese Academy takes on Burlington!

In their first field trip, students from the Chinese Academy took on the streets of Burlington and had a chance to explore and enjoy the small city's culture.

July 8, 2016

Today, students embarked on their first field trip—an excursion to Burlington!

The whole Chinese Academy boarded the buses at 9:30 AM sharp, and then made the trek to Church Street, which is otherwise known as “Downtown Burlington.” While there, students had the chance to roam, explore the area and shop at all the local stores.

Best of all, however, was that students had the chance to go to a real Ben and Jerry’s store! All together, the students invaded the store, buying all sorts of flavor combinations. Some students even bought buckets of ice cream, slowly picking away at them until the ice cream had melted completely.

After all the shopping and exploring was done, the students and teachers congregated right in front of Burlington’s City Hall building. Once everyone was there and the transportation arrived, the students boarded the buses for their next stop: Lunch at the Zen Garden.

Just a short trip down the road into South Burlington, students and teachers flocked into the restaurant quickly—all that shopping made them hungry!

Coordinated by the Chinese Academy’s Language Director, the restaurant accommodated for over 100 hungry Chinese speakers. A buffet, containing several different choices, was set up—needless to say, the food went quickly.

During lunch, students shared laughter and conversation—but above all, good food!

After lunch, students and teachers reboarded the buses for their next stop: Leddy Park—a park and beach complex located roughly two miles from Downtown Burlington.

Leddy Park, which also houses a hockey rink, was a sensation amongst all students. However, it wasn’t the beach that immediately grabbed the attention of the students—it was the snow!

A large mound of snow was outside of the hockey rink. So, naturally, all of the kids flocked to it immediately upon arrival. Quickly, a snowball fight broke out—in July!

Once the mid-summer-winter snowball fight was over, the students made their way down to the beach, where they enjoyed a chance to relax on the sand and soak in Lake Champlain’s water. And, of course, there were students passing the frisbee around with each other—like always!

Students more than enjoyed their time on Lake Champlain—and once it was time to leave, all were sad. The Chinese Academy loved Burlington!

To see more pictures of today’s events, visit our Facebook Page at "Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy—The Official Page," and then click on the album, titled “The Chinese Academy takes on Burlington!” 

Students at Leddy Beach!