Chinese Academy Students Take a Well Deserved Break

July 14, 2014

It’s sad to say, but this post will be the last Monday blog from the 2014 MMLA at Swarthmore! 

During the past three weeks, Academy students have done an amazing job staying in their target language. Now, it’s time to see how their efforts have paid off. This morning, each student had an oral assessment with their Chinese teachers. It was incredible to see just how much students have improved from their first day at the Language Academy.

After the assessment, students were able to relax a little bit in cultural exploration class as well as afternoon activities. Sun Bo laoshi taught students how to make “酸辣土豆丝” (stir-fried sour and spicy potato). 

During the afternoon activities, students in my group enjoyed cloud-watching. We sat on comfy white chairs on the lawn, sharing our stories, drawing and appreciating the nice weather. It was a lovely and breezy afternoon.

-Yachu Liu, Residential Advisor