The Chinese Academy Is Ready for the World Expo!!!

July 10, 2014

Today, the Chinese Academy worked hard to prepare for the World Expo. In the morning assembly, Hsieh Laoshi led students in a song called “帶你回來 (dai ni huilai),” which literally means ‘bring you back’. In the afternoon, students rehearsed their dances, skits and Kung Fu performances. During the evening assembly, students applied what they learned in today’s class by preparing and performing short skits. The theme of the day was clothing, and the students were very creative. They imitated their teachers and some celebrities in their skits. The night ended with a very special celebration as we honored a student’s birthday and even sang Happy Birthday in Chinese!

The Chinese Academy cannot wait to show other Swarthmore language academies what they have learned in the past few weeks. Please take a sneak peek at the clip below of some of the students practicing the dance for the World Expo! Enjoy!

-Yachu Liu, Residential Advisor