BREAKING NEWS: Have You Seen this Gnome?

The German Academy's Favorite Mascot Has Vanished!

July 14, 2017

Tonight is a sad time for the German Academy here at Green Mountain College. I have just received word that Karl der Kleine, the treasured mascot of the German Academy, has gone missing! 

Karl was last seen in the German Academy's assembly room, his usual place of residence in his time off. My sources have told me that at around 8:45 PM, "suspicious individuals" wearing blue shirts  (and blue, white, and red beads) were seen entering the room. Muffled whispers of "Allez les bleus!" were heard as they approached the German Academy's assembly room. Unfortunately, they quickly scattered when my sources attempted to get a better look. By the time German Academy staff members had arrived, Karl had disappeared. On the chalk board was a single message: Vive la Révolution!

At this time, we are unable to identify Karl's location, or his possible captors. The primary suspects, however, are French Academy Vigilantes: those who wish to show off the strength of the French Academy's Revolution to all the Academies here at GMC! 

These Vigilantes may need to be careful, though... rumor has it that the German Academy is preparing for a raid of their own.... 

Please stay tuned for further updates on this exciting story!


Vive la Révolution!