Breakfast at Tiffany's? No, at Moroccan tea house in Granada today

July 20, 2016

This week's theme's include gaining understanding of the "Dieta Mediterranea". The level 4 class, after conducting research in the center of town on life styles and the true penetration of the diet in everyday life, stepped into a charming Moroccan tea shop for a mid-morning snack. We tried various teas such as "1001 Nights" or "A Thousand Flowers", coffees and sweets that made mouths water! The tea house had numerous nooks and crannies where patrons could sit quietly and reflect on the break-taking views of the Alhambra, or just listen to the tinkling of the fountains and soothing Moroccan music playing. In our true style, we had a heated discussion on the benefits of healthy living and the irony of poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle when better choices could be made. Students had a wonderful time taking a break from the brick and mortar classroom and took full advantage today of the world classroom that we have at our disposal here in Granada. Thankfully, a very healthy lunch of chickpea and vegetable soup, roasted carrots, stewed beef with lemon, and juicy watermelon awaited us upon our return, making up for the momentary indulgence in chocolate, caramel, banana, mint and fresh whipped cream crepes and waffles we enjoyed at the Teteria el Bañuelo!!