Bonne Fête de l'Indépendance! Fourth of July at the French Academy

July 4, 2018

Language: French

Location: Green Mountain College

Daily Schedule:

7:30 am                 Breakfast

9:15 am                 Fourth of July Parade

12:30 pm               Lunch

1:15 pm                  Free Time

2:00 pm                 Cultural Exploration

3:45 pm                 Activities/Exercise/Free time

5:30 pm                 Dinner & Free Time

7:30 pm                  Fireworks at Poultney High School

9:15 pm                 Dorm activities/snack

10:00 pm               In room/Journaling

10:30 pm               Lights out

What the French Academy did today:

Happy Fourth of July! This Independence Day, students participated in the annual Poultney parade. For 2 miles, the kids waved to locals, pet dogs, and cheered/sang songs in French!

Classes were modified today so students could celebrate the holiday. In Level 1, students have been learning to answer questions about foods they like and dislike, as well as give simple descriptions of an object’s color, size, and location.

Level 2 students are also able to ask and answer questions about food (taste, preparation, ingredients) and are currently learning how to ask and respond to simple questions based on images and text in a menu.

In Level 3 classes, students are learning to exchange information about different foods and eating etiquette that they have experienced or learned about. In addition, they are learning how to compare and contrast culinary culture and behavior of Francophone countries to those of their own.

Level 4 students are busy analyzing the importance of food on social dynamics in the target culture. Food is a vehicle for gathering, celebrating, and enjoying the presence of other people. Students have also learned what types of food are eaten at different events and participated in discussions about personal and cultural values, as well as how they are reflected in social-cultural customs.

Tonight, students will be heading to Poultney High School to watch fireworks. The language pledge will be relaxed, so the kids will be able to speak English to each other for the night. They’re so excited, but it’s been incredible to watch them learn so quickly! Dictionaries are definitely the most popular accessory here at the Academy.

Check back on Friday to read more about the French Academy!

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