Beijing: Weekend Recap and Shopping in Qianmen

July 16, 2018

Language: Chinese

Location: Beijing

Daily Schedule:

Language: Chinese

Location: Beijing

Daily Schedule:

8:00-8:25 Morning Assembly

8:30-9:20 Breakfast

9:30-10:20 Class Block 1

10:30-11:20 Class Block 2

11:30-12:20 Class Block 3

12:30-2:00 Lunch

2:30-5:30 Qianmen Street and Dashilar Hutong Shopping

5:30-7:15 Dinner

7:15-8:05 Cultural Exploration Classes

8:30 -9:20 Study Hall

9:30-10:30 Check In

What the Beijing Academy did today:

To give a brief recap of the weekend, our schedule was jam-packed. On Saturday we left campus early in the morning and took a bus ride over an hour north of Beijing to a section of the Great Wall that has slowly began to be reclaimed by nature, with foliage having overcome the ancient bricks of the wall. We hiked up picturesque mountains and walked a great length of the wall before heading back down the mountain to eat a homemade lunch that was prepared for us by a local family. On Sunday, we made-up class that we had missed on Friday.

Today on Monday, after classes we explored Qianmen street near Tiananmen Square which has hosted shops and markets for over 500 years. Students bargained with shopkeepers along the street and its side alleys which embody the charm of Beijing as it once was. 

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