Beijing Week 4

Hear From Caroline, Lucan, and Will

July 24, 2017



"I don’t think any of us can believe how fast these three weeks have gone by! We only have two days left here so we have been making the best out of these last few days by speaking all of the Chinese we can and creating our last memories here with the city and our friends.

Today, as time with our classes runs out, we spent quite a bit of time in these small groups. After a fun class on Chinese movies, TV shows, and musical culture, my class (group 2B) went out to lunch.

After a delicious lunch of fried noodles, meat, rice, salad, and other vegetables, we had our last culture class of the program! After a great experience at our culture classes, I’m sure for all of us, it was sad to have to say goodbye to our teachers! After this, we took the subway to GuanYuan, a Beijing Market, to do some shopping.

Riding the subway is always a fun experience where we get to see the city as well as Bejing residents! At the market we all enjoyed buying many things for our families and friends and also enjoyed walking around and exploring the wonders of the many shops!

After riding back to the university, we had our free time for dinner and relaxing, and then we had study hall to work on our last homework assignments! Today was another fun and interesting day, but sadly it is coming to an end!

We have all had a wonderful experience here—one that we will never forget."



"Today, I woke up at 8:25 instead of my usual 8:30. Getting to the morning meeting on time at 9:05 is usually a struggle, but today I was helped greatly by my epiphany that I should set my alarm a few minutes earlier if I am consistently late.

The topic of our class today was mostly focused on Chinese holidays and how they compare to their American counterparts. We talked a lot about all the different facets of Chinese New Year (Chunjie). We also compared and contrasted qixi (Chinese Valentine’s Day) with American Valentine's Day.

Then we went to the Chunbing restaurant and ate quickly to be back in time for our last wushu (martial arts) culture class.

Then we went to Guanyuan Market and had free time to shop around. This mall did not have the same amount or quality of goods that we had seen at the markets in the days leading up to today.

Then we returned to the campus, had free time, study hall, and then went to bed. What a tiring day. It is hard to believe there are only a few days left."



"The last Monday of the program started off like every other Monday—with students waking up at around 7:30, eating a breakfast of delicious sandwiches and fresh juices, heading to morning assembly, and then to class at 9:25. During class today, students learned about different cultural traditions in China and about famous Chinese actors and directors.

After class, students left for a delicious lunch at any number of nearby Chinese restaurants.

After lunch, each student went to culture class, which is either Kung Fu, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, or Taiji class. After culture class, students boarded the subways and went to a nearby mall to window-shop and in some cases actually shopped at various shops.

After returning to the campus and having some free time, students had study hall with their classes.

Students are looking forward to returning to America (and speaking English), but the sadness of leaving is inescapable. We have had a wonderful, and unforgettable time here."