Beijing - Students Write! Hear from Chris, Emily, Max, and Patrick

July 6, 2017

Today marked the third full day of full immersion of the 2017 MIL Beijing program.

Students busily prepared for their weekly presentations as the daily activities were postponed due to poor weather conditions. Classes prepared anything from skits, to songs, to informational presentations, giving many the opportunities to learn about what was going on in their peers’ classes.

While the weather of late has been less than great, it hasn’t stopped us from having a great time in China.

- Chris


Despite our trip to the Olympic Park being cancelled due to the rain, we were still able to make the most out of our day. It started off a little slow, but it started to pick up the pace once everyone ate their breakfast and headed to class.

Every day, each class has been learning/reviewing vocabulary and grammar rules (oh, and we have had tests and short essays). Following class, everyone went to lunch, hung out with friends, and headed off to one of the four culture classes—painting, calligraphy, Tai chi, and martial arts.

Today, I had painting and when I first walked into class, I felt a bit intimidated by the intricate painting of a Beijing house that hung from the whiteboard because I knew that we had to recreate it. It is safe to say that by the end of the class, everyone had tried their best to paint the house.

The paintings may not have turned out how everyone imagined it to, but I must say it was pretty cool to see how everyone made it their own and added their own little twists to it. Since the trip was cancelled, we had study hall for a couple hours. During then, each class practiced their performances for tonight’s show (each class makes a presentation whether it be factual, a dance, and even a song).

After practice, each class went out with their RAs for dinner. My class and I went out to get dumplings and they tasted amazing! We then headed back to the university because it was show time. 

There was an array of different perfomances ranging from sing-alongs, presentation on the use of bikes in Beijing and recitation of a poem. It was a fun way to end the day on a high note.

- Emily


Today was a bit slow due to rain and high pollution. We had class for most of the morning and then went to culture class where I did Chinese Painting. After this we ate dinner and prepared a song for performances. Then we watched other groups’ performances which was very funny and entertaining.

Performing our songs didn’t really go well as we all got lost during both of the songs. Other than this, we enjoyed a good lunch and a small bit of free time. Due to rain and pollution, we had an extra-long study hall.

- Max


Today lots of things happened, but because of both rain and pollution we were not outside much. Most of the time we were inside our classrooms learning Chinese and or doing activity’s and hanging out with each other.

In the evening everyone presented their presentation’s to show how much each class has learned so far. We had lots of time to study today and overall It was a very relaxed day we had time to both complete our homework and talk to friends.

In the evening before the presentation we had dinner with our class at a very good Chinese restaurant with lots of food. Overall it was a very fun day with lots of learning.

-Patrick Fechtmeyer

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