Beijing - Students Write! Hear from Chloe, Gunnar, Isaac, Nicholas, and Timo

July 7, 2017

This afternoon we took the Chinese subway to the Capital Museum. This trip truly allowed us to apply all the words and sentence structures we learned in class to real life scenarios, as well as learn much more in the process.

This included pertinent vocabulary we learned while navigating through the busy stations and trains and the Chinese people we interacted with at the museum. When we returned to the University after this activity, we were given money to go and independently order food wherever we wanted to.

The day was definetely a challenge, but I can confidently say the work was worth the takeaway.

- Chloe


Today was an action packed day.

After the morning classes we walked to the subway station where we took a train to Beijing’s Capital Museum. At the museum, there were so many interesting exhibits.

Most of the exhibits featured China’s unique cultures, and some had artifacts from thousands of years ago. An artifact that I found particularly interesting was a bow and arrow that would be ceremoniously shot by the groom after his wedding. Although there were thousands of people at the museum, it would be difficult to not notice the beauty of Chinese history, and I am sure my classmates feel the same way.

- Gunnar


Today was an intense and fulfilling day.

In class 3 we started off with our daily vocabulary quiz, which all students had spent the previous night studying for.

Each student then presented their ideas for the class slogan and image. The winner was “Questions equate to knowledge” and an image of our class in a panda studying.

We then discussed Beijing, and how the people acted in comparison to to Americans. We then split up into different culture classes- taichi, kongfu, painting and calligraphy. This was followed by a trip to the Capital Museum, where we had our first encounter with the subway.

After the museum we split up one last time, some opting for sleep while others chose to play soccer with fellow Capital Normal students.

- Isaac


In the morning, it was cooler than usual. Today’s air quality was poor, so we had to wear face masks.

Today in class we learned three different things. First we learned how to say what activity we are doing, and what time we are doing them. Next, we learned how to say methods of transportation, such as riding a bus, flying on a plane, or walking. Lastly we learned how to give and ask for directions.

After class I ate lunch, in my dorm room. I ate chicken, with rice and vegetables.

After that, we went to a museum in Beijing. This museum focused on the history of Beijing, and also the history of the rest of China.

- Nicholas


Today, MIL students took to the streets of Beijing in order to explore the Capital Museum of Beijing.

In the morning, my class focused on the culture, monuments, and key characteristics of Beijing. Key monuments ranged from The Summer Palace to the “Bird’s Nest” stadium. After class and a quick lunch, students ventured down into the depths of the Beijing subway to travel to the Capital Museum.

The Capital Museum focused on the development of Beijing through the ages of China. It included exhibits regarding Peking Opera, the history of Beijing through the Jin, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties. The museum also showed off Beijing’s history during the communist era and even the early years of the People’s Republic of China.

Following the trip to the museum, students ventured out into the city to eat on their own before calling it a day. Another exciting day in Beijing, the capital of China!

- Timo

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