Beijing - Learning about Chinese Cuisine, and Exploring Beihai and Houhai

Hear from Maggie, Casimir, and Pada

July 21, 2017

Maggie O:

Today at MIL Beijing we began the day as usual, with a quick breakfast of baozi (steamed buns) and bread slices before heading to classes. The theme of this week’s classes is food, as well as the traditional cultural practices associated with food in China and the US. We learned food related vocabulary words, which we practiced during our daily “chinese table” lunch with our teachers. After class, we took a trip to hou hai, a series of shopping streets surrounding a lake, where students were able to purchase everything from bubble tea to bracelets. We ended the night with our weekly performance, where students performed a rendition of “I want it that way” by the Backstreet Boys in Chinese, as well as enthusiastically danced along to an excercise video. 




Casimir B:

Today we continued our exploration of Chinese cuisine. 

This morning we learned about the various provinces that make up China and the corresponding foods people from these areas eat.  We applied this information during our afternoon activity where we were allowed to explore Beihai and the restaurants surrounding the system of lakes located there.  This evening we had our weekly presentations, during which we read aloud a piece of literature we had analyzed in class earlier today.



Pada S:

The day started off with the usual breakfast, followed by a quick daily reminder about scheduling and air quality. Shortly afterwards we began class, which, today, was about meal etiquette in China. There are a lot of rules for eating in China, so this took up the normal three hour class block.

After class was lunch at a local Chinese dumpling restaurant, and shortly after was our culture class. Today our excursion was to Houhai, which is a relatively small area consisting of a few shops, selling both fake and real items, on the waterfront.

We then returned to CNU, where students were given free time and time to go out and buy dinner. Later in the evening, each class gave a short presentation or performance, and after that I came here to write this short blog.