Beijing: The End Draws Near

July 25, 2018

Language: Chinese

Location: Beijing

Daily Schedule:

8:00-8:25 Morning Surveys

8:30-9:20 Breakfast

9:30-10:20 Class Block 1

10:30-11:20 Class Block 2

11:30-12:20 Class Block 3

12:30-2:00 Chinese Table

2:00-5:30 Language Assessments

5:30-7:15 Dinner 8:30 -9:20 Language Assessments

9:30-10:30 Check In

What the Beijing Academy did today:

The end is drawing near this Wednesday and students surely are starting to feel it. With every meal it seems, we draw closer to parting with the friends we've made over the past month and to the city we've learned to call home. Students had their last Chinese table lunch with teachers this afternoon. The rest of the day was largely set aside for taking care of final assessments which gauge students' improvement. Students had plenty of free time outside of their assigned testing hours to relish every last minute in Beijing.

Tomorrow marks our final day of classes. In the afternoon we wrap up the academic side with a cultural class presentations, a graduation ceremony, and farewell dinner. Students here in Beijing have made incredible gains not just in language, but in making lasting friendships, adapting dorm life, and finding their place in an unfamiliar culture. The past month has an unforgettable one. While we'll soon be saying farewell to Beijing, we suspect for many students it may not be a final goodbye. Until next time, China!

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