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July 20, 2016

Read these recent posts from our Beijing Academy students!    



Due to the weather over the last couple days we have spent a lot of our time in class for extra study halls, or in our dorms waiting out the rain. In class we discussed some of the environmental problems in China and in the afternoon we watched a movie about the poaching and near extinction of the Tibetan Antelope, and more specifically about the group of watchmen who dedicated their lives to protect the animals. We also watched a movie set during the Cultural Revolution about a man who tries to raise a Mongolian wolf pup within a nomadic community that hunts them as predators in order to protect their livestock. Even though we spent our time on heavy topics in class, our teacher lightened the atmosphere by showing us an animated movie at the end of our study hall time block.

Though we did not get to spend any time outside, we still managed to practice our Tai Chi with our culture exploration teacher. Today we learned fighting moves and self-defense strategies before going through the routine we have been working on for the last couple weeks one last time.

I am excited for our upcoming trip to the Great Wall over the weekend!




These past few days have gone by so fast. Although we have a new teacher for our class, we have adjusted well and have been enjoying learning about the geography of China and about the environment. I think that it has been really interesting to learn about the environment and pollution, because it’s the small things that make one fluent in a language. We also visited the Olympic Park on Sunday, which was very exciting. We have now been getting a real breakfast because we get to go to the restaurant on floor one and eat instead of being given ten Yuan, and attempting to find a suitable breakfast. We also got to watch Kung Fu Panda in Chinese yesterday, which was very exciting. These past few days have made me realize what an amazing experience this has all been. Everything this week has been so exciting that I haven’t even realized how awful the pollution has been. Yesterday, the AQI was over 250! I only ever really think about the pollution when I go outside, which hasn’t been very often, since it has been raining. I am very excited for the Great Wall this weekend. I have been to it before, but it amazes me every time. I can’t wait to go home, but I am also sad to leave all of the friends that I have made here in Beijing.




On Sunday we went to Olympic Park on a class-wide outing.  After a long bus ride there we arrived at the massive stadium surrounded by acres of concrete walkway.  Although we only got to look at the outside for five or so minutes, the sheer scale of the arena and the Olympic skyscrapers around it made it a memorable moment.  We then went back to the buses, which brought us to the Southern part of the Park, a green, flower-filled area that stood in sharp contrast to the jungle of metal and concrete we just left. As we sat down in our classes to eat our packed picnic foods, the blistering Beijing heat made our efforts uncomfortable, and the decision to (attempt to) play soccer afterwards didn’t help. These problems were relieved quickly through by the awning on the small battery-powered boat I rented with my friends to drive around the lake in. Unfortunately it was time to pack up and leave before we got too settled in, and after a short stroll with the same friends through some of the more populated areas of the park we all boarded our buses again to head back to the dorms for free time before bed.  While the day’s activities passes by quickly, it was a fun, relaxing outing that I won’t soon forget.

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