Bastille Day Eve

More pictures will be added shortly.

July 13, 2016

It’s Bastille Day Eve for the students of the French Academy here at St. Michael’s. And, without a doubt, there is excitement in the air.

As of right now, the students and teachers of the French Academy are scheming about and planning ways of how they can make their mark on Bastille Day....stay tuned and check back tomorrow to hear about how they glorified their celebration of France’s National Day! Vive la France! 

Nevertheless, though it’s the eve of Bastille Day, students still had their daily routine of classes and afternoon activities. Here’s an overview of what went on in a few of these classes:

  • Poetry: Students accessed their inner poets to put together some semi-melancholic poems to present to the classes. Many of the poems received sympathetic “ahhhh’s” after all was said and done. These poems showed a more deep, philosophical side of the students that isn’t always visible on the outside.
  • Theater: Students put together and performed dual dialogues. These dialogues ranged from comedies to pieces of drama—the purpose in them: get the students expressing emotions, in French! These dialogues will also be presented at their next Academy-wide assembly.
  • French History: Since tomorrow is Bastille Day, one class focused on French history, and then discussed some of the stereotypes to which this history has given birth over the centuries.

In addition to their classes, students also broke up into clubs during the afternoon. One club was going around the campus, filming and asking students and staff what they think to be the largest cultural shock when participating in a full-immersion program.

With several taped testimonials, the students are all set for when they present their video at the next Academy-wide assembly.

After the clubs were over, students took to their afternoon activities, which were—like always—led by the energetic and fun REs from the French Academy.

With one group venturing out into Downtown Burlington and another playing a massive game of capture the flag, all of the students were in for a fun afternoon that gave them the chance to relax and get some exercise in.

Later in the day, after dinner, an overwhelming bout of pouring rain came crashing down on St. Michael’s campus. However, students didn’t let this rain stop them from enjoying the outdoors!

Even with the rain, students remained outside, playing games of soccer and frisbee—and, in some cases, going for a run! Students from the French Academy pay no heed to rainy weather!

After the excitement from the rain died down, the day began to slow down.

Students roamed around, chatting with friends or working on projects, and then called it a day. The students and staff from the French Academy want to be fully rested for all that is to come tomorrow...BASTILLE DAY 2016!!!

French Academy students