Back at it!

After the weekend break and the holiday celebration, students are re-energized to dedicate themselves to their studies.

July 6, 2016

After the relaxing weekend and an eventful Independence Day, students returned to their normal schedules today—classes, meals, exploration courses and afternoon activities with the REs.

However, this return to the regular schedule didn’t come with a decrease in enthusiasm; in fact, students were even more ready to get back to their full-time studies this week than they were when they arrived last week. 

In classes today, students picked up right where they left off: calligraphy, Chinese vocabulary, Chinese dance, conversational practice and much more!

Of the activities, there was a new one: cooking class. Along with one of their teachers, the students had the chance to learn about the ins and outs of fried rice ingredients—but more importantly, how to cook it!

On Friday, students will be learning how to cook chicken lo mein, and then they’ll serve it to anyone who wants it.

In addition to the new class offered, students also had a new afternoon activity from which they could choose: swimming. The Chinese Academy now has access to the pool in the afternoon for those who want to cool off or get in a bit of lap-swimming for exercise.

Amidst the activities, there was a professional photographer on the campus for the day, snapping pictures left and right of all that the students were doing. When asked of how many pictures she took at the end of the day, she responded very simply, saying, “Over 2,000.”

2,000 photos…

After dinner, students split up for a bit to make the most of their free time. However, when the time came around, the students had to return to their dorms and the lights had to go out.

Another day is in the books!

Chinese Academy Students!