Arabic Academy - Welcome to the Land of Full Immersion!

Arabic Students attend The Language Pledge® Ceremony to Begin an Unforgettable Journey!

July 1, 2016

The Arabic Academy held a ceremony for the signing of the Language Pledge® at which the lead director of this Academy, Khalid Madhi, spoke regarding the power of language to open doors to the world and the importance of this promise to continue speaking Arabic 24/7. He stated that, "If you are able to go home and tell your mom or your friend that you love them in five or six different ways in Arabic alone, I think we have achieved our goal here."

His speech emphasized how a community is born from the mass signing of the Pledge and how every member of this community is there to constantly support and challenge one another. The members of the Arabic Academy strive to "inspire rather then react, teach rather then punish and learn rather then obey" and the Academy creates a family environment in which everyone cares deeply about the well-being of one another.

In terms of aquiring a new language, Khalid spoke of the reasoning behind The Language Pledge® as a way for students to abandon their fear of making mistakes. Rather then worrying about absolute accuracy, students at the Summer Academy learn to freely communicate their thoughts in an effective manner. All the while students become visibily more confident in both themselves and their language ability. 

Khalid also spoke about how important it is for each individual to reflect on what language personally stands for in their life and what drives them to endure the challenges that present themselves, while attempting to aquire a new form of communication. He stated that, "This language, as much as any other language, will allow you to discover one thing-those hidden demensions, those interesting, cool, philosophical, poetic demensions about your personality."

Although the four-week journey ahead will certainly be unpredictable and challenging, it also promises to be extremely rewarding and memorable!

Arabic Academy Members After Signing the Language Pledge®