Arabic Academy Says Goodbye

July 20, 2018

Language: Arabic

Location: Saint Michael’s College

Daily Schedule

Students go home! 

What the Arabic Academy learned today:

We made it to the end of camp! Thank you to everyone who put in the time and energy to make this experience so amazing. Students have been working so hard and have accomplished so much! Last night was graduation and the last dance with the other Academies. Here are speeches from two students selected to represent the Arabic Academy in their target language. 

Joshua Berry

Hello! My name is James and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I know that not all of you understand Arabic, but no worries. I am here to speak with you about why I chose to study Arabic at MIL. I want to learn and connect with people in the world; Palestine, Egypt, Mauritania, and my friend from the United Arab Emirates.

There are a lot of problems in the world, but when we learn about each other, we can understand each other. At MIL, I’m a baby in Arabic, but I love Arabic and the people in the Arabic Academy. Thank you so much to my brother from Indonesia and my teacher Tegwa and to all of you! I hope to see you all next summer, God willing!

Asta Jorgensen

My name is Asta. Greetings, friends! We’ve finished the program and are preparing to return home. We’ve studied quite a bit over the past four weeks and now are spent! I wanted to end this journey leaving you with a few words.

At the beginning, I as a bit nervous and really wanted to succeed in the program. Thankfully, we progressed little by little by little, learning new words and cultural knowledge through activities. We’ve grown our Arabic daily, and now as I reflect on our time here, I am certain that we’ve learned and benefited from every aspect of this program. The lightbulb moment may not have happened to everyone at the same time but without a doubt, we have grown immensely.

Thank you all for helping us to succeed in this program. I know that all of you will find success and blessings in the paths you follow. Congratulations!

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