Activity Spotlight: Chinese Academy Street Fairs!

A look at one of the Chinese Academy's most exciting weekly events! (As well as a startling update from the French Academy...)

July 13, 2017

After two days of intense field trips, students here at Green Mountain College were happy to just have a nice day on campus! And while they may have still been exhausted, they took back to their classes and studies with the same enthusiasm with which they had began them! 

I'll be focusing today's blog post on one of the most interesting cultural experience events that happens at least once a week here at Green Mountain College: The Chinese Academy Street Fairs! These events are such a fun time to watch and attend each week, and also provide a great chance for Chinese Academy students to practice! 

The actual work for Street Fairs begins long before the event itself begins. As students perform well in their classes, they are rewarded with currency by their RAs and teachers for their hard work. And after an intense week of classes, students are able to spend their currency and treat themselves to some delicious Chinese food! 

The dish at the street fair changes each week, from fried bananas, stir fry, to delectable dumplings. While the students enjoy their afternoon activities, their teachers work hard to cook the food and set up the fair. And after the students arrive, the fun begins! Students order their food and pay for it with their currency, and enjoy their hard earned treat! All in all, today's Street Fair was a perfect way to celebrate and relax after a week of field trips! 

Please take a look at our Facebook Page for some more photos of the day! And in addition, come check out the blog tomorrow for more updates!

P.S.  At the time of writing this, I received news from the French Academy that they have planned something that's rather "unexpected" for tomorrow.... Stay tuned for some further updates on this developing story!! 

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