¡Feliz Miércoles!

July 3, 2014

Happy Wednesday! The morning assembly’s theme was “planning a trip” and students performed a skit meant to communicate the vocabulary associated with travel such as luggage, visa and different modes of travel. For the record, students passed up on traditional transportation systems and decided to travel by dragon instead. What can I say?They’re super creative!

Our afternoon presented a new opportunity for our younger participants-they were able to explore our quaint town of Swarthmore. Students walked around town, relaxing and experiencing a new location in their target language. This meant they could use new vocabulary. For example, they used directions to describe how to get to certain stores and subconsciously used the conditional form to order food (“I would like some coffee, please”). The older students were offered the chance to go to the pool, attend a Zumba class or make decorations for their dorms. Our talented RA (or consejero in Spanish) Benjamín led the creative effort in the 3-D art of decorating. You can see a few of their creations below!

At night, mother nature paid us a visit so our usual nightly assembly didn’t take place. While we waited for the storm to pass, students stayed busy in their classes. Some played games, watched cool clips or practiced conversation. In Christopher’s class, they were introduced to popular TV programming in Spain through various clips of “El Hormiguero”. El Hormiguero combines a traditional talk show format with variety bits, much like our own program of Ellen.

Needless to say, it was an eventful day! :)

-Sarah Awad-Farid, Spanish Residential Advisor